Library News

December 2015

The library committee will meet on Tuesday, December 8th at 1 p.m. In the last month we have received several more donations. Many thanks !!!! We received a series of five books written by Author Roxanne Henke - #1 - After Anne; #2 Finding Ruth; #3 Becoming Olivia; #4, Always Jan and #5 is With Love, Libby. If you are interested - check them out. 

November 2015

The next meeting of the Library Committee will be Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 1 p.m.  The library received several new 

books  -- The Longest Ride by Nicolas Sparks; An Amish Cradle written by four authors;  To Everything a Season by Laurene 

Snelling; The Prairie Triology by Catherine Palmer ; Bridges of the West by Rory Copeland.   Also received is 24 books 

written by different authors and published by Guidepost.  These were donated by Don & Thelma Johnson.    Lots of good 



October 2015


                 Thank you for all the donated books.  They have been cataloged and put on the shelves.  All of the fiction books are placed on the shelves by Author and in alphabetical order. 

                 Some new books that have come in are 2 copies of "15 Months of winter" my year in North Dakota by John Bayer.  According to a person who has read the book said that it is a very humorous book.  PEP - The seven P's to Positively Enhanced Performance which is a self help book.

Visit the library - take a book home and return to the basket or the library is a very comfortable place to read.


September 2015


LIBRARY CORNER                                                                                                                                         

Thanks to the members who recently donated 33+ books to our Calvary Library.  They are located on the "New to Calvary" shelf.                                   They include: Abercombie Trail, Pomme Di Terre, Birdie & Blooming Prairie (a series by Candice   Simar) and The Riverboat Adventures For teenagers - Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II & III For pre-teens - Mandie (5 volumes) There are books for children on the bottom shelves on the free-standing bookcase including The Easter Story and 3 Minute Bible Stories.  Come on in and check out these newly donated titles.






Library Corner -

Thank you to all that have donated books to the Library.  Four new books have come in that are written by Candice Simar.  She is a Minnesota author and has written books about emigration to America.  



                                                    LIBRARY CORNER

Some new books have been donated to the library- A series of six given by B. J. Dalsveen are the 

Patchwork Mysteries. They are published by Guidepost. Thank you B. J. for this addition to the 

Library. Other new books that have been donated are “The Orphan Train” by Christina Baker 

Kline; “Death of a Dream” by Paul Lundborg and “Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life” by Karen Armstrong. 

With changing weather coming – check out one of these new books to read. We are looking for some volunteer painters to freshen up the walls of the library. Interested??? Call Ella at 679 -2799.



The following books have been donated to the Church Library.   “The Way Life Should be” and “Bird in Hand” by Author  Christine Baker Kline ; “Not in the Heart” by Chris Fabry; “The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey about financial help donated by Jodi Bakke;  several Children’s books donated by Susan Williams; “We Rode the Orphan Train”  by Andrea Warren and “Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul”.   Thank you to all who donated books to share with others.    All of these books have been placed in the New for 2013 portion of the library.  Remember we go by the honor system- take it home to read and then place it back in the returned book basket.

We are still looking for some volunteers for painting.  This will be done after the holidays.


 October Library News

Hello, Readers!

October is here! Your Calvary Library Committee hereby declares October as Calvary’s Library Month. The library is located on the second level on your way to the Sunday School rooms.

The shelves have been dusted and there are good books waiting for you--some new books recently purchased by the committee and some great reads that have been donated by Calvary’s members.

Categories in the library include Humor, History, a Men’s Section, Self-Help, Biography and Auto Biography, Westerns and Devotional books. We also have a few books that may be of interest to teenagers. There are also some ‘Biblical Help’ books which you may use in the library. The shelves are marked with names of categories. The fiction section books are shelved according to authors’ last names.

Calvary’s library serves you on an honor system—just take a book home and return it when you have finished reading it—no ‘official’ checkout necessary. We welcome “Book Reviews” to publish in the newsletter—read a book, write a short review and put it in Ella Martens' mailbox.

Check the table in the Fellowship Hall for books the committee has chosen that may interest to you.


Many new fiction books by popular authors, Traci DePreeg, Karen Kingsbury, Tracey 

Peterson and Cindy Woodsmall were purchased for the library. Men take note we also have a 

large selection of books on the Civil War, World War II and Minnesota history.

We received some very good books for caregivers. There is also a selection of funny 

books for those who enjoy humor. If you do not find something in the rack in the fellowship hall 

take the time to browse in the Library. Have a great summer and remember Calvary Library for 

your summer reading.

The committee for the library will not meet during the summer months but will resume on the 2nd Monday of 

September which will be September 10that 1 p.m. in library.


Seeking Spiritual Intimacy

Journeying Deeper with Medieval Women of Faith

During the Middle Ages, a movement began where thousands of Christian women formed communities to study Scripture 

and reach out to the sick and needy. These women called “Beguines,” became well -known for their spiritual devotion. Their faith 

practice impacted the lives of many people in Europe, including St. Francis of Assisi.

The Rev. Dr. Glenn E. Myers, ELCA, Professor of church History and Theological Studies at Crown College in St. Boni-facius, Minnesota, also studied and walked through many of the cities and towns in Belgium and Germany where the Beguines once lived.

Join us for this event (free and open to the public) as he teaches us about these women of faith and invites us to consider how we might grow as disciples of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, June 10th, 2-4pm

Zion Lutheran Church (fellowship hall)

207 1stSt North

McGrath, MN 56350

Phone: 320-592-3231


Congregation member and children’s author Ryan Jacobson is kickstarting a new book project, and you can help him do it. 

He is offering pre-sales of his new family-friendly graphic novel, Monster Ninjas, at the website But these 

aren’t just any pre-sales. They include ordering incentives that range from an original sketch from the illustrator to being dra wn as a 

character in the book! Plus, for every order placed, Ryan will donate a children’s book to charity.

For more information or to support the project, visit and search “Monster Ninjas” between May 25 

and June 18.


Some NEW BOOKS have been put on the shelf in the Fellowship  Hall.

"On Humming Bird Wings"                              Lauraine Snelling

"Even Now - Ever After" Karen Kingbury

"Rose Triology" (3 books) Beverly Lewis

"The Note - A story of Second Chances"

"Make a Christmas Memory" Julaine Kansmrath

"Love Story of Mary and Joseph"

"Three from Galilee"

"First Christians"

For The Children

Six books of "Billy and his friends" (Good "Read Me" story books.)

Also a selection of "Advent Devotional" books are in the basket. 

Library Committee will not meet in December.  The January meeting will be held on January 9, 2012 at 1:30 p.m.


Basking in the sun? Relaxing in the hammock? Sitting on the deck?

Here is a lis
t of new donations to the Calvary Library and suggested readers:

Men: "The Greatest Generation" by Tom Brokaw "and then ChiChi told Fuzzy" by Don Wade.       

           "Wit and Wisdom of Fishing--funny lines and Fishy Advice" by several contributing writers.

Women: Several new Amish reads.

Teenagers: "Golden Filly--Collection 1"--a horse story by Lauraine Snelling

Children: "Psalm 23", illustrated by Tim Ladwig

For your convenience, the committee has left these books on the book stand under the window. Next time you are at the church, stop up in the library and see what book interests you. The committee thanks the recent book contributors. If you have enjoyed a book from Calvary's library, we invite you to submit a book review for a coming newsletter.



The Healing Quilt by Lauraine Snelling
A group of 'hurting' women decide to create a handmade quilt to be auctioned off to raise funds to be used toward the purchase of an up-to-date mammogram machine for their community. The quilting project provides ways for the women to find God's help in their healing and makes for a 'good read.' You'll find this recently acquired book in the Calvary Library fiction section. Stop in the library on the upper level and see what book you might be interested in taking home to read.

Another easy to read book has been added to the Library "Good Hope Road" by Lisa Wingate.  A story about how neighbors work together and heals after a tornado strikes their community.

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher is a 3 volume set by Beverly Lewis.  After enjoying Book 1 entitled The Parting, I rushed to the church library hoping Book 2 The Forbidden would be waiting for me. 

     The author has a direct connection with Amish beliefs because her mother is from Plain family heritage.
Book 1, set in Amish country in the 1960's, tells about life and religious beliefs at that time in the Amish communities.  Some members of the community are beginning to crave the modern conveniences of the Englishers--electricity, tractors, washing machines--but most are still holding to their Old order which forbids the modern ways.  The story combines this with the mysterious death of Nellie's sister and the fact that her father, along with others, has ventured to read further in the Bible and has learned about "grace" versus "works" in his journey toward salvation.  Nellie's father has converted her mother to his new beliefs and they are beginning to be shunned by their Amish community as well as members of their extended family.  Because Nellie's beau and his family are still of the Old order, their relationship is threatened and Nellie and Caleb are torn between the Old and the New. 
     I hope to finish the Forbidden and have it back on the shelf for you by the time you finish The Parting.  You'll find these books in the "Fiction" section in the newly reorganized Calvary Church Library.  Stop by and borrow a book.  


"Where Yesterday Lives"
"Even Now/Ever After" by Karen Kingsbury

"Chicken Soup for the Women's Soul"

"First We Have Coffee" by Margaret-Jensen

"Papas Place", Sequel to "First We have Coffee"

"A Merry Heart" by Wanda Brunstetter

"90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper