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Archives and Records


      June 2011 - Archive and Records has created a Procedures and Guidelines Handbook  covering the basic operations of the church and how to document events in the church records.  A copy has been given to the church office, pastor and one is kept in the archives room. 

      On Sunday, April 10th a celebration was held honoring all of the volunteers at church. 
Archive & Records Committee can celebrate as they have completed most of the work that was started three years ago.  
     The Archive Room is next to the office, each family in the church has a file in which pertinent records are filed; the Congregational Record book is up to date as well as the computer files.  Church records are a source for families doing genealogy research.
The committee met weekly but will now only meet once a quarter or when needed to maintain the files.  We celebrate the work that this committee has done as well as other individuals who have helped to complete this project