Peter Hovland

A Tribute To Peter Hovland
    On the twenty-first of December, the Earth lost a genuine friend. Peter Hovland was a soft-spoken,
extraordinary man. His active interests and work spanned the spectrum from hands daily in the soil, to insightful
discussions of social issues, to deep introspection about God and the Universe.
Peter had the kind of authentic conscience that naturally and continuously brought his spiritual values
into contact with his daily life and work. He knew it should all fit together. When he dug a duck pond, there
was an extra supply of black dirt. When he dug a tree for transplanting, some of that black dirt was fetched to
fill the hole. Result: Another tree was cleansing our air; The nursery field was enriched; and, there was better
habitat for the wildlife.
    Peter’s intelligent, often smiling eyes shined out from a face well browned by the wind and sun. His
hands were strong and callused from soil and shovel. His values and priorities did not need much explaining.
They were clear from his path and priorities. Let us show we have learned.
He took much leadership in forming the Calvary “Care for the Creation” program. This program is
part of larger effort by the ELCA Church to help people see the need for doing more to protect our God-Given
earthly heritage.
    Peter continued to study the problems of soil erosion, water degradation the warming of the earth and
did his part to help members of Calvary Lutheran Church understand what is happening and what can be done
to solve many of these environmental issues.
    Peter has left a lasting legacy for our Church, Community and Country. He is a spiritual leader, a conservationist,
an environmentalist and an Earth Keeper. What more can one person do?
    For those of you who would like to leave a small memorial to Peter, consider planting a tree in the
spring of 2010, someplace on your property, or get involved with an environmental movement, or simply
pledge to do what you can to improve the environment around you and your community.