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Mission Endowment


As the time is drawing near to disperse monies from the Calvary Mission Endowment Fund we want to keep the congregation informed about how this dispersal will take place and how it can help this congregation expand the outreach of our Church.  The committee, elected by the congregation at its annual meeting, is now working to implement the program.  We hope the following information will help answer some questions that members may have.

The Mission Endowment Fund was established at Calvary's annual meeting in 1995.  A set of by-laws were developed and approved as well.   The stated purpose of the fund is: "to enhance the mission outreach of Calvary Lutheran Church apart from the general operation of the congregation."

Since 1995 the fund has been growing in two ways.  The first is through gifts from members of the Church body and secondly from growth through investments.  Now that the fund has reached more than $100,000.00, the committee can implement a program of grants and awards that hopefully will fulfill its stated purpose.

These funds have been managed by the committee since 1995 and have been invested to earn interest and dividend income.  On January 1, 2011 the fund had grown to $103,744.31.  From discussions at the 2011 annual meeting it was decided that this will be our base principle.  As stated in the MEF bylaws, only the income from the fund can be used for awards and grants.  We hope to start this dispersal in 2012.