Mission Endowment

June 2014


The Mission Endowment Fund (MEF) has money available for your worthy project. 

We need to have you fill out an application for these funds so that we can discuss what projects will receive 

money from the fund. We had money from last year that we didn’t use that rolled over to this year, and we 

voted at the end of last year to have $4,000 available for disbursement, so we have over $5,000 available. (If 

we don’t award all of the money, we can put it back into the fund at the end of the year.) 

So go to the Church Office and ask for an application. Submit it to one of the committee members so that we 

can use this fund as it was intended. Thanks. 

In the last few years we have helped fund the new furnaces, purchased an Automated External Defibrillator, 

purchased coolers for a summer lunch program in town called Crunch Time, helped fund the ELCA Youth 

Gathering in 2012 as well as last year’s youth mission trip. 

We are also looking to increase the capital in the fund. Since we reached the $100.000 mark we have managed 

to increase the value of the fund by 18% even though we have distributed over $5,000 in the last few years. If 

you would like to donate, just indicate on your check that you want the money to go to the MEF, but please 

indicate if you want your donation to go to Missions and Outreach or Capital Improvement. 

Members: Larry Usher, Marty Carlson, Donavan Stromberg, Robin Hanson, and Terry Johnson. Dean Oelfke 

(ex officio member). 

July 2011

In order to keep the Calvary congregation informed about the Mission Endowment Fund we will continue to present information that members may wonder about. This article is being written to help members of the congregation get a better understanding of possible uses of the grants and awards coming from the Mission Endowment Fund.  Please remember that the principle on January 1, 2011 was $103, 744.31 and that the bylaws state that we can use any growth off of this fund but not the principle.  We are anticipating about $3000.00 to $4000.00 being available for grants and aware for 2012.

So what would be some possible uses of these funds that could support the main purpose of the fund which is,  to enhance the mission outreach of Calvary Lutheran Church apart from the general operation of the congregation."

The following are only some examples of possible uses, but we see the list being much larger.  Assistance to help youth go on mission trips, assistance to staff and lay members to attend training sessions as it relates to work of the church, funds to help purchase equipment such as audio/visual equipment for the sanctuary of the church for worship services, assistance for adults to go on mission trips to Russia or Honduras, assistance to Church
committees working to expand the mission of Calvary in their respective area of concern.   These are but a few
examples to help Calvary Lutheran  equip the saints to enhance the mission of the Church, which is to spread the word and love of God. 

June 2011

In order to keep the Calvary congregation informed about the Mission Endowment Fund we will continue presenting information that members may wonder about.  As indicated in the last article the fund balance was $103,744.31 on January 1, 2011.   On March 31, 2011 it had grown to $105,076.93.  As you can see it is growing and it is our hope is that by the end of the 2011 year there should be an investment growth of between $3000 and $4000 dollars.  These are the dollars that can be used for awards and grants during 2012.  Please remember that the fund principle is also growing with new gifts from members of the congregation on a regular basis. 

At the present time the MEF committee has been working on the development of an application and an evaluation form to be used toward the end of 2011 for funding in 2012.  These applications will come to the committee for review and evaluation.  Funds will be distributed depending on number of applications and availability of funds and how these applications meet our funds stated purpose.  The committee is also hoping to solicit input and recommendations from the congregation. The committee will be recommending to the Church Council that a special meeting of the congregation be called to discuss and finalize methods of dispersal of these funds.

May 2011

As the time is drawing near to disperse monies from the Calvary Mission Endowment Fund we want to keep the congregation informed about how this dispersal will take place and how it can help this congregation expand the outreach of our Church.  The committee, elected by the congregation at its annual meeting, is now working to implement the program.  We hope the following information will help answer some questions that members may have.

The Mission Endowment Fund was established at Calvary's annual meeting in 1995.  A set of by-laws were developed and approved as well.   The stated purpose of the fund is: "to enhance the mission outreach of Calvary Lutheran Church apart from the general operation of the congregation."

Since 1995 the fund has been growing in two ways.  The first is through gifts from members of the Church body and secondly from growth through investments.  Now that the fund has reached more than $100,000.00, the committee can implement a program of grants and awards that hopefully will fulfill its stated purpose.

These funds have been managed by the committee since 1995 and have been invested to earn interest and dividend income.  On January 1, 2011 the fund had grown to$103,744.31.  From discussions at the 2011 annual meeting it was decided that this will be our base principle.  As stated in the MEF bylaws, only the income from the fund can be used for awards and grants.  We hope to start this dispersal in 2012.