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Committed to Christ, Compassion for Others, Community of Faith


             How do we live our Mission Statement?  The church council was discussing our life together at its retreat and how we can reach out to people who are not currently worshiping.  How do we get people to hear God’s Word and participate in the Sacraments so God’s Holy Spirit will move in their lives? 

We began talking about worship.  A council member said that they heard that members would like to have livelier music at the first service like we were doing with the themed worship at the second service.  Another said people at the second worship time would like to hear the choirs more.  A couple of council members said that our current worship style was not helping them to worship.  They did not experience God’s presence or a sense of community as they came to worship.  Their feelings ranged from bored at best to alienated at worst.  They said that the second service which was supposed to be an alternative one was too similar to the first service.  There was only a degree of change and not real change.  One of the members said we would like to see skits and a band, another teased and said we would like the pastor to be doing cartwheels during the sermon. 

The council agreed that most of the people in our pews were getting gray.  We were not bringing in the younger group.  There are lots of churches that do something completely different for their alternative worship.  The mega churches in the cities have all kinds of skills, talents and resources for having a worship that draws young people in.  The council knew that we would not be able to do something like that however in an effort to reach out and draw in younger families we thought it would be good to do a different worship that would be our own. 

The council thought that since we were doing the themed worship alternating with the Liturgical Communion Worship at the first service that we could continue that through the school year.  That would enable us to do something different at the second worship time to draw in younger families.  The council turned the matter over to the Worship Team to have them recommend actions.  The worship team made recommendations and sent them back to the council which some of you read in the June newsletter.  The Worship Team heard from the Music Committee that the recommendations would be too strenuous for them to carry out.  So Worship Team and Music Committee met to work out how it would all come together.

What we are going to try is keeping the first worship time doing what has been happening this summer: alternating between the Liturgical Communion Worship and the Themed Worship.  The second worship time will be more like a Coffee House or Bible Camp Worship.  It will be held in the fellowship hall.  It will be more interactive and participatory.  A choir will lead off the worship, there will be a time to greet and talk to your neighbor, lessons will be read, current events will be talked about, a message will be shared, and prayers will reflect the gatherings requests.  There will be a closing song and it will all be less than an hour.

This type of worship will be like what the Apostle Paul tells his congregation in Corinth that they should do.  In Chapter 14 he writes about how to conduct an orderly worship. Verse 26 especially expresses this: “What should be done then, my friends? When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation.  Let all things be done for building up.” The community that gathers for the second worship time will be able to take ownership of the worship and be able to influence its content.

The Council and Worship Team realize that this is going to be different and may not meet the wants of all the people that currently go to second service.  We hope that we can strike a balance between meeting the needs of people who are currently involved with worship with trying to gather in others who are not participating now.  We may find as we begin this new way of worshiping that we will have to made adjustments to our schedule and worship so we can both meet the wants of our current worshipers and reach out to others.

Our intent is to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the people of our community and help to grow the faith of our own members.

Reporting for Church Council Pastor Dean Oelfke

Reporting for Worship Team Rick Martens