Sunday School Registration

Calvary Lutheran Church

Sunday School Family Registration Form


Student Name


Baptized?  Y/N


Allergies/Special Needs
































Name(s) of legal parents/guardians:  ___________________________________________

Home Address:  ____________________________________________________________

Mom’s Cell:  _______________________  Dad’s Cell:  _____________________________

Home Phone:  _____________________  Parent Email:  ____________________________

Current Medications:  __________________________________________________________

Allergies:  ___________________________________________________________________

Child lives with:  Both parents ___  Mother  ___  Father  ___  Grandparent  ___  Other  ___­


How would you like to be contacted with Sunday School updates?  (please choose one)

____Text Cell  ____ Email  ____Other (explain:______________________________________)


I, _____________________________, hereby give permission for ______________________to

participate in Calvary Lutheran Sunday School Classes for the 2019-2020 school year. 


I also give permission for photos of my child/youth to be used in the church newsletter, on the church website, or used for general publicity purposes. 




Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian                                   Date





Parent Volunteer Form


·         ____  Table leader (Circle one:  once a month, twice a month, every week, occasionally)

·         ____  Help with SS Christmas Program

·         ____  Help with SS craft day

·         ____  Help with SS movie day

·         ____  Provide treats for before SS time


Thank you for your help in our children’s ministry at Calvary!