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Calvary Pastors

1899 - 1904    Rev. Bernt B. Reitan
Reverend Reitan, had come to this area to farm, having given up an active ministry due to health concerns.  But, since he was one of the founders of the church, and the church did not have a minister, he agreed to serve as the pastor until 1904.  Reverend Reitan was born in Norway in 1855.  He was married to Josephine Erickson in 1882 and they had five children.  Reverend Reitan attended and was ordained for the Huage Synod Seminary in Red Wing, Minnesota.

1905 - 1905
    Reverend John H. Hanson
Resigned in July

1905 - 1910    Rev. Dr. Claus Morgan

Reverend Morgan also served as Kanabec County Superintendent of Schools.  He traversed the county with his team of horses and buggy to serve the needs of the schools and congregation.  With his interest in education and professional skills, the congregation launched a six-week summer parochial school.

1910 - 1916    Rev. Ole Hustoft

The Reverend Ole Hustoft, a young, unmarried seminary student from Augsburg was called and accepted the pastoral leadership of the two congregations.  In this area, Reverend Hustoft rode a bicycle from town to church.  He traveled by train from Mora to Sandstone to conduct services for the St. Ansgar Congregation. 

Reverend Hustoft had musical talents and been engaged in music study and activities while attending Augsburg College & Seminary.  In 1910 he formed the first church choir.  Reverend Hustoft made an extended trip to Norway.  During his trip the congregation was served by an interim pastor. 

1916 - 1916    Rev. M. M. Midthum (Interim Pastor)

1916 - 1920    Rev. Theodore Jensen

1920 - 1921
    Rev. John Kaale

1921 - 1928    Rev. A.L. Stowell

1928 - 1939
   Rev. J.A. Pederson

1939 - 1942    Rev. Clarence Larson

1942 - 1950    Rev. Merton Strommen

1947 - 1950    Rev. P.A. Strommen (Merton's Father)

1951 - 1954    Rev. Howard J. Sortland

1954 - 1963    Rev. L.C. Kallevig

1963 - 1973    Rev. Martin J. Olson

1973 - 1980    Rev. Jerome Malak

1980 - 1992    Rev. John Bucka

1982 - 1986    Rev. Axel O. Kordahl (Visitation Pastor)

1993 -         
   Rev. Stephen Blenkush
                     Rev. Daphne Hoff
                     Rev. Dean Oelfke