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Significant Timelines 1899 - 1929

July 1899
Rev. Reitan, George Amundson, Anders Ugland, Ole Amundson, Gunval Gunderson, Arne Storlie and Martin Anderson meet at the Knife Lake Schoolhouse and decided to organize a Norwegian Lutheran Congregation to be named, "Torrisdal Norwegian Lutheran Free Congregation"

1900 Annual Meeting
Proposed a minister's salary of $25 plus each member was to donate two days of work or $1 per day to support the pastor. 

1901 Annual Meeting
Proposed and accepted that communion be held twice yearly in the fall and spring, and that the minister's salary be raised to $50 per year. 

1906 Annual  Meeting
Decided to purchase one acre of land for church lot under recommendations of committee comprised of George Amundson, Arne Storlie and M. Horne. 

1907 Annual Meeting
Decision to postpone building a church until next yearly meeting. 

1908 Annual Meeting
Decision to conduct six weeks of religious instruction for the children from May to July.

June 14, 1908
Proposed and accepted recommendation that congregation accept offer from present owner to the Torrisdal Congregation of one acre of land on the southeast corner of Gunval Gunderson's farm.  The cemetery shall be called Riverside Cemetery after the small town located nearby.  Gunval Gunderson volunteered to look after the cometary and have lots for sale at five cents each.  The congregation became incorporated under state laws. 

1911 Annual Meeting
Decided to have communion four times yearly. 

1912 Annual Meeting
The six week religious instruction was canceled for 1912 (no reason given).

May 4, 1912
A special meeting, congregation decided to purchase a half acre of land somewhere around Isak Gunderson's farm.  Decided to call for congregational meeting when subscriptions (donations) to the new church building reach a total of $500.00

1913 Annual Meeting
The decision was made to propose building a church and to rent the Swedish Baptist Church nearby if necessary during the interim.  Oien family joins the church. 

1914 Annual Meeting
Minutes mention appreciation to Sigrid Oien as organist.  A decision is made to rent the Swedish Baptist Church for 1914.  Berulson family joins church. 

November 4, 1917
Ole Berulson offers a free lot located in the southeast corner of his farm to the church as a building site for the proposed new church.  The congregation accepts this generous offer with joy and thanks.  Ugland and Ole Berulson go around to solicit money from congregation members for church building.  A building committee comprised of Ugland, Berulson, Gunderson, Tom Johnson, Al Larson, Storlie, Tilman Oien and Joe Reitan is formed. 

November 14, 1917
A decision is made to build a new church of dimensions 26x32 with an addition of 8 feet on the south for an entry, plus a tower of 8x8 dimensions, 25 feet tall and a foundation of 2 foot height and 8 inches thick.  (No architect was in sight!)

1920 Annual Meeting
Unanimous vote to allow women the "vote as the man" in congregational affairs. 

1924 Annual Meeting
25th Anniversary "Jubilee" planned and celebrated. 

1925 Annual Meeting
Minister's salary set at $224.00 per year.  Decided to have a social to raise funds to fix up the cemetery.  Gunval Gunderson was affirmed to oversee the cemetery and to "get" 50 cents for each lot he is able to sell. 

1926 Annual Meeting
Decided that the cemetery lots be sold for $5 for non-members and $2 for members of the congregation. 

1927 Annual Meeting
Decided to charge $10 per grave if it has to be dug by caretaker. 

1928 Annual Meeting
Decided that no "drilling" or other such ceremony be allowed from other societies or organizations in the church with funerals or meeting therein without first securing permission from the congregation to do so.

1929 Annual Meeting
Decided to take an offering during evening meetings/services to assist in covering expenses of the congregation.  Decision to collect a special offering for the organist once a year. 

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